Monday, October 21, 2019
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Democrats, media change tune on border: No longer a ‘manufactured crisis’

Mainstream media and congressional Democrats alike were in lockstep just months ago that the situation along the southern border was a “manufactured crisis” being ginned up by the president for political reasons --but the narrative has swiftly shifted as those same voices now acknowledge the crisis while citing the conditions to attack the Trump administration.

TV networks protest Dems' decision to give MSNBC exclusive convention access

C-SPAN, Fox News, CBS News, CNN and ABC News have joined forces to formally protest the South Carolina Democratic Party’s decision to give MSNBC exclusive access to air live coverage on Saturday of its 2019 convention that will feature at least 21 of the party’s2020 presidential hopefuls.

BuzzFeed News issued cease-and-desist letter from woman in Tony Robbins scandal

BuzzFeed News has been accused of using illegal and unethical means to obtain some information used in its recent bombshell accusing self-help guru Tony Robbins of sexual wrongdoings, according to a cease-and-desistletter obtained by Fox News -- butBuzzFeed is standing by its reporting.

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