Friday, April 3, 2020
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MixedTimes - Brooke Singman

Michigan reverses course on Trump-touted coronavirus drugs

Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration has requested an emergency supply of the drugs President Trump touted as having success treating patients with severe symptoms of the novel coronavirus, in a reversal from the state's directive to medical professionals last week to avoid the medication for this purpose.

Schiff already calling for 9/11-style commission on coronavirus response; Nunes decries 'stunt'

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who a little over two months ago led Democrats’ prosecution in President Trump’s impeachment trial following an extensive investigation, is working to launch a new review concerning the administration’s actions -- this timecalling for a nonpartisan commission on the government'scoronavirus response.

Watchdog says FBI violations with FISA warrants went beyond Russia probe

The Justice Department inspector general has determined that FBIviolations of surveillance warrant rulesextendedbeyond the Trump-Russia investigation, saying such misstepsin recent years have undermined the bureau’s ability to achieve a “scrupulously accurate” standard for allForeign Intelligence Surveillance Actapplications.

Two more members of Congress test positive for coronavirus

Two more lawmakers announced Friday they have tested positive for coronavirus, as South Carolina Rep. Joe Cunningham and Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly became the fourth and fifth members ofCongressto become infected.

Biden campaign adamantly denies allegation of sexual assault

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaignon Friday adamantly denied a newly surfaced allegationof sexual assault leveled by a former Senate staffer, calling the claim concerning thepurportedincident decades ago“false.

Trump trolls Romney over coronavirus test

President Trump taunted Mitt Romney on Wednesday after the Utah senator tested negative for coronavirus, ostensibly cheering the news before going on to slam his record as a presidential candidate and member of Congress.

Durham probe expected to end this summer: sources

U.S. Attorney John Durham is expected to wrap up his investigation into the origins of the Russia probe by the end of the summer, sources confirmed to Fox News.

Trump declares national emergency over coronavirus, enlists private sector

President Trump on Friday declared a national emergency over the coronavirus outbreak amid extensive disruptionsto the economy and American life, announcing partnerships with major U.S. companies toexpand testing capabilitieswhile saying he believes the crisis "will pass.

GOP senator plans to subpoena consulting firm linked to Hunter Biden, Burisma

Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson plans to subpoena a consulting firm linked to Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian energy company he worked with for records to review potential conflicts of interest-- and whether individuals at the firm improperly used the relationship with the former vice president’s son to “influence” U.S.

NRA calls off annual meeting over coronavirus

The National Rifle Association on Friday canceled its annual meeting scheduled for next month, adding to the growing list of organizations calling off events amid fears of coronavirus.

Trump’s Russia probe foes line up behind Biden

Intelligence and DOJ officials who played a starring role in the origins of the Russia probe are surfacing to antagonize President Trump anew— as they publiclyendorse former Vice President Joe Biden, who looks increasingly likely to be Trump's opponent in the 2020 election.

US Capitol closed to general public over coronavirus

The U.S. Capitol and nearbycongressional office buildings are being closed to the general public over coronavirus concerns, with Congress announcing Thursday that they are allowing access only to lawmakers, staff, press and official business visitors.

Trump: 'CoronaVirus doesn’t care what party you are in'

President Trump criticized congressional Democrats anew on Wednesday over the political warfare surrounding coronavirus, tweeting that the virus“doesn’t care what party you are in” and that he is "fully prepared to use the full power" of the government to handle the outbreak.

Carter Page, surveilled during Russia probe, slams FISA bill as a 'sham,' 'failure'

EXCLUSIVE: Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page blasted the House’s new Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act bill as a “sham,” and a Republican “failure,” saying it represents a “lazy authorization” of the surveillance tool that improperly targeted him during the FBI’s Russia investigation.

Bloomberg spent more than $275M on anti-Trump media blitz

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg spent more than $275 million on an anti-Trump media blitzduring his presidential campaign to “remind voters” of President Trump’s “failures and broken promises.

Trump, Dem governors clash over coronavirus spread

President Trump and Democratic governors are clashing over the administration’s handling of the coronavirus threat and the role that states should play in combatting the spread of the virus.

Warren campaign alumni endorse Sanders, even as senator stays mum

Nearly three-dozen former Elizabeth Warrenpresidential campaign staffers endorsed Bernie Sanders on Tuesday, saying the democratic socialist from Vermont is “the best option” for Warren Democrats, even as Warren herself stays mum on a potential 2020 endorsement.