Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Texas Dem star Wendy Davis plots comeback, jumps into congressional race

Wendy Davis – the pink sneaker-wearing Texas Democrat who rose to fame among liberals for her 13-hour filibuster of a state Senate abortion bill in 2013, and then lost a high-profile run for governor a year later – announced Monday she plans to run for a U.S.

Judge bars Roger Stone from social media, says ex-Trump adviser violated gag order

A federal judge on Tuesday barred former Trump adviser Roger Stone – facing charges of tampering, obstruction and false statements in a case brought bySpecial Counsel Robert Mueller – from posting anything on social media, after determining Stone violated her gag order not to discuss the case.

House overwhelmingly approves funding bill for 9/11 victims

The House on Friday overwhelmingly passed a bill to reauthorize the compensation fund for victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, after comedian Jon Stewart lambasted lawmakers for not moving quickly enough to replenish the critical funding.

White House hosts social media summit with conservative firebrands

The White House has invited well-known conservative social media figures, including some controversial voices, to meet with President Trump on Thursday for what’s being billed as a “social media summit” to discuss anti-conservative bias by big tech companies and other issues.

Trump offers to meet Kim Jong Un at North Korean border

President Trump on Friday raised the possibility of meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un while in South Korea over the next few days, tweeting that he’s willing to meet Kim at the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.

Dem candidates pile on Trump in second debate night

Democrats kicked off Thursday night’s debate ripping into President Trump as “phony,” taking aim at the tax cuts he signed into law while long-shot candidates took swipes frontrunner Joe Biden.

Trump flips script on Dem outrage over comments on foreign dirt

A defiant President Trump pushed back Thursday against the outrage over his comments that he would be open to accepting opposition research from individuals from foreign countries, arguing he should have no obligation to call the FBI in certain cases while trying to turn the tables on Democratic lawmakers over their own foreign contacts.

Romney says he may decline to endorse Trump again

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney said Friday he may decline to support Donald Trump for president in 2020, explaining, “I wouldn't be surprised if I stay out of the endorsements.

Biden hammered over climate plan plagiarism accusations

Former Vice President Joe Biden is coming under fire over fresh plagiarism allegationsafter his presidential campaign was forced to update its climate platform amid complaints that the team lifted lines from at least five outside sources without proper credit.

Hoyer urges subpoena for Mueller, as Dems ramp up calls for testimony

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said Tuesday that lawmakers should issue a subpoena forRobert Mueller if he declines to voluntarily testify on Capitol Hill about the Russia probe,amid increasing calls from fellow Democrats to hear from the former special counsel.

Trump: ‘We'll be going to Mars very soon’

President Trump said Monday that the United States will be “going to Mars very soon” as he announced new cooperation between the U.S. and Japan in sending humans to space, though he did not give a timetable.

Barr accuses Dems of using criminal justice process as ‘political weapon,’ as hearing tensions flare

Attorney General William Barr fired back Wednesday at Democrats who for weeks have called his integrity into question over his handling ofSpecial Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report, suggestingduring a testy Capitol Hill hearing they were only using the issue to score political points ahead of the 2020 election -- and advising that the DOJ's role in the controversy is now "over.

House expected to vote on updated anti-Semitism resolution today, after Dem infighting

Democrats are expected to introduce and hold a vote in the House on an updated anti-Semitism resolution on Thursday, after days of infighting within the Democratic Party over the particular language in the resolution and whether to specifically address controversial comments made by Minnesota Democratic Rep.

Dem leaders slam brakes on Omar rebuke, blame Trump for bigotry instead

House Democratic leaders, after delaying a vote on a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, are trying to steer discussion away from the controversial comments by Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar that started the debate and instead focus on the “rise in hate” in the United States -- andPresident Trump's role.

2020 Democrats haunted over past donations from Trump

At least six Democrats eyeing the White House in 2020 took campaign contributions from Donald Trump before he was president – something that could be a potential political liability in a crowded, anti-Trump Democratic primary.

Ocasio-Cortez denies dark-money allegations in FEC complaint: ‘There is no violation’

New YorkRep.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezon Tuesday denied violating federal campaign law after a conservative government watchdog filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission accusing the Democratic lawmaker and her chief of staff of being part of an "off-the-books operation" to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on candidates last year.

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