‘That’s Supposed to Be Better?’: Fans Enraged by LSU Coach’s Explanation for Missing National Anthem

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Sarah Stier/Getty Images

When trying to defend the indefensible, sometimes it’s better to say, I have no excuse. LSU coach Kim Mulkey is probably telling herself that right now.

In the postgame press conference following her team’s 94-87 defeat at the hands of rival Iowa, Mulkey was asked why her team was not on the floor for the national anthem prior to their highly-anticipated Elite Eight tilt against the Hawkeyes.

Mulkey’s answer, while it seems truthful, did not improve the situation.

“Honestly, I don’t even know when the anthem was played. We kind of a routine where we’re on the floor and then they come off at the 12-minute mark. I don’t know … we come in, and we do our pregame stuff. I’m sorry … Listen, that’s nothing intentionally done.”

A Baton Rouge reporter said LSU is never on the court for the anthem.

While Kim Mulkey no doubt believes in her routine and holds it in a place of high importance, many X users were of the opinion that her “routine” should take a back seat to the importance of showing respect for the national anthem.

Iowa, on the other hand, did stand respectfully for the national anthem. They advance to the women’s Final Four. LSU’s season is over. And now they’ll have plenty of time to learn when the national anthem is played.

Authored by Dylan Gwinn via Breitbart April 2nd 2024