REPORT: Chiefs’ Rashee Rice to Receive at Least a Multi-Game Suspension’ for Street Race Wreck

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In a Monday morning column, lead ESPN NFL reporter Adam Schefter says he expects Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice to receive a significant suspension for his alleged role in a multi-car crash during a street race in Dallas last month.

Schefter says he anticipates Rice will receive “at least a multi-game suspension” by the NFL.

Rice currently faces one count of aggravated assault, one count of collision involving serious bodily injury, and six counts of collision involving injury. The accident occurred on March 30.

Police claim that Rice was driving his sports car as fast as 119 mph in the seconds before the crash.

After the accident, Rice was seen leaving the scene with at least three other men. Authorities claim he left without checking on the status of the other drivers and passengers in the vehicles involved or providing his information.

Rice is participating in the Chiefs offseason program virtually while the legal process plays out, and he awaits disciplinary action from the NFL. Typically, the NFL waits for the courts to complete their work before issuing fines and suspensions.

The fact that Schefter prefaced his comment by saying the league could hand down “at least” a multi-game suspension. This would seem to leave open the possibility that the league could give Rice a one-year suspension.

Authored by Dylan Gwinn via Breitbart April 21st 2024