Wurzburg: Three Fatalities, 'Several Injured', Knifeman Shot by German Police

At least three people are reported to have died with several more injured after a knife-armed man rampaged through the German city of Würzburg, Bavaria.

Police shut down areas in the central district of Würzburg, south-central Germany, on Friday afternoon in response to an apparent knife rampage. Early reports from local German-language news sources indicate that police shot the suspect in the course of ending the attack, but not before at least two, and perhaps three people were killed and several more injured.

No information about the motive of the attack or the identity of the killer is yet in the public domain.

Local police announced an ongoing operation around 1730 German time (1130EST), before later stating they had arrested a suspect. Police ordered the public to avoid the Barbarossaplatz (Barbarossa Square) in the city.

German tabloid Bildclaimed sources who stated that three people had been killed, and six injured, while the suspect had been shot in the leg. Other outlets claimed two fatalities.

By 1830 local time (1230EST), police announced they had arrested a perpetrator and did not believe there was more than one attacker.

Unconfirmed images and footage uploaded to social media purprorting to be from the scene of the crime and seen by Breitbart London shows a barefooted, surgical mask-wearing man carrying a knife running through a built-up area. The man is confronted by a large crowd of bystanders, some of whom carry sticks and chairs, in the moments before a police car arrives.

Bavarian newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine reports public transport lines through the city has been shut down and that police are due to hold a press conference on updates shortly.

BREAKING VIDEO: 2 people dead and multiple injured in stabbing attack at Barbarossaplatz in Wuerzburg, Germany. A man with a knife can be seen attacking people in the video:


— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) June 25, 2021

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