Watch: State Republican-Aligned Policy Group Releases Pro-Law Enforcement Ad

watch state republican aligned policy group releases pro law enforcement ad
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State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF), the policy partner for the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), released a pro-law enforcement ad as a continuation of a six-figure national ad campaign showcasing “a conservative America is a safe America.”

The national ad campaign — “Tale of Two Americas” — is meant to show the “contrasting life under conservative leadership with the policy failures of Washington, D.C. that are being mimicked in liberal states across the country” by state Democrats, the press release stated.

The group’s second ad, Best of Us, in a series of ads to be released, is meant to showcase how “liberals have made communities less safe by vilifying all police officers while conservative states remain committed to supporting law enforcement and never wavering when it comes to public safety.”

The ad’s narrator states:

Husbands and fathers, wives and mothers, daughters and sons, friends and neighbors. Supporting America’s law enforcement has never been a debate. But liberals have quit on our cops, and put criminals first, bowing to the mob while our communities suffer the consequences. Thankfully, not everywhere. There are still places where our police are supported and criminals are held accountable. Where safety isn’t a sacrificed. Because backing the blue means backing the best of us. A conservative America is a safe America.

The ad is set to run on digital platforms in multiple battleground states: Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.


The ad backs up the first ad, Which America? from late April, which showed the differences between the conservative and liberal ideas of freedom, opportunity, education, the rule of law, and strength versus fear, hardship, indoctrination, lawlessness, and weakness.

“Supporting America’s law enforcement shouldn’t be controversial, but Democrats have been so radicalized by the liberal mob that they are selling out the safety of their communities to score cheap political points with their base,” said SGLF Executive Director Dee Duncan.

“Liberals may have given up on the idea that the men and women serving in America’s law enforcement are a force for good in our communities,” Duncan continued. “But conservative leaders continue to prioritize the safety of their constituents by always supporting our brave police officers.”

SGLF’s new ad series comes after the group’s national ad campaign, “Let Kids Learn,” that began in February 2021 that called on the Democrats “to follow the science and let kids back in the classroom full-time, five days per week.”

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Authored by Jacob Bliss via Breitbart June 6th 2022