WATCH: Slow-Motion Bleacher Brawl Strikes at Cubs Game

WATCH: Slow-Motion Bleacher Brawl Strikes at Cubs Game

A slow-motion brawl broke out in the bleachers at Tuesday night’s Cubs game at Wrigley Field that seems to be one for the books.

The two went after each other until a stadium worker came to break it all up on a cold, Chicago evening as the White Sox made their way to the Cubs’ home turf for another Crosstown Classic.

The video of the incident does not confirm what may have caused the dust-up, but the recording shows two inebriated, somewhat rotund fellows slapping and grappling at each other as they roll around the benches.

Punches fly at a snail’s pace, and after it is all said and done, the fight might make you feel more tired than energized.

It also appears that with a 3-1 final, both the Cubs and Sox combined got in more hits than these two.

The bleachers at Wrigley are getting out of control

— Baseball Fight Club (@mlb_fights) May 4, 2022

No word if the Chicago Police ever arrived on the scene to offer any charges of the combatants.

Or maybe they got away in a slow-moving, white Ford Bronco.

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