Watch: GOP Rep. Asks Scientists Why They "Did A 180" On COVID Lab Leak After Fauci Emailed Them

During a House Select Subcommittee on the origins of the Coronavirus pandemic Tuesday, Republican representative Nicole Malliotakis of New York grilled a pair of scientists, demanding to know why they suddenly switched their positions from considering the lab leak of the virus a likelihood to it being a “conspiracy theory” just days after Anthony Fauci emailed them both.

watch gop rep asks scientists why they did a 180 on covid lab leak after fauci emailed them
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Malliotakis asked Kristian Andersen and Robert Garry why their paper on the “proximal origins” of COVID-19 from March 2020 dismissed the lab leak in favour of a zoonotic origin when just days before they had both suggested the virus had a unnatural origin.

Addressing Andersen, the GOP rep. noted “You and Garry expressed concerns about the genetic makeup of the virus just days before the initial draft of this paper came out,” adding “Dr. Fauci emailed you after you’d expressed concerns to him on a phone call that COVID would have been engineered.”

“Within a matter of days, something changed… What happened within that three-day period between the conference call and the paper that suddenly you did a 180,” Malliotakis asked, to which Garry replied “there was some new data that came.”

“Are you both conspiracy theorists?” Malliotakis further pressed Andersen, adding “you just accused everyone who believed there was a lab leak of being a conspiracy theorist,” citing Dr. Robert Redfield, the former director of the Center for Disease Control, who has told the committee that “it was not scientifically plausible that the virus went from a bat to humans and subsequently became one of the most infectious viruses in history.”


Surely the 180 had nothing to do with $25 million coming from Fauci’s NIH.

A quick timeline via Grabien founder Tom Elliott;

  • Fauci funds dangerous gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China related to making bat-based coronaviruses more dangerous to humans

  • Covid breaks out in Wuhan, China

  • Fingers point to Wuhan lab

  • Virologist Kristian Andersen says evidence indicates virus is "engineered" and the “genome looks inconsistent with evolutionary theory.”

  • Fauci holds conference at NIH to discuss lab-leak theory; ultimately he asks Andersen to author a paper arguing against the lab-leak theory

  • Andersen agrees

  • During drafting process, Andersen solicits Fauci's edits

  • Paper is published, Andersen cites many scientists as sources, but not Fauci

  • After publication, Fauci thanks & compliments Andersen

  • During WH press briefing, someone asks about lab leak theory

  • Fauci steps in front of Trump & cites this "proximal origin" paper to claim it's a "conspiracy theory"  

  • The NIH/CDC/various "fact checkers" cite this same Andersen paper to begin censoring media outlets and ordinary Americans reporting on evidence pointing to a lab-leak

  • Months after the paper's publication, Fauci's NIH Institute awards Andersen $8.9 million to set up a new research center

  • After doing his 180, Andersen's monthly pay grows from $393,079 per month to $800,139 per month

  • Fauci, in a softball NYT profile two years later, claims he never read Andersen's "proximal origins" paper

  • Andersen, in a congressional hearing, claims his 180 on Covid's origins have nothing to do w/ his friendship w/ Fauci or getting paid millions, but rather claims "this is textbook science in action"



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Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News July 13th 2023