WATCH: First Responders Catch Toddler Dropped from Burning Apartment

WATCH: First Responders Catch Toddler Dropped from Burning Apartment

A father dropped his child into the arms of first responders when a fire broke out at an apartment building in New Jersey, and citizens are praising the crews’ efforts.

When the fire started early Monday at a building in the South Ridge Apartments complex in South Brunswick, crews saw a man in the window on the second floor, ABC 7 reported.

However, officials initially believed everyone had escaped outside.

Moments later, the man went out of sight, but when he reappeared, he was holding the toddler in his arms.

According to, fire can engulf a home in a mere five minutes.

The South Brunswick Police Department shared a photo showing firefighters racing toward the scene as smoke and flames reached toward the sky:

Police and firefighters catch baby thrown from second floor by Dad escaping the fire.

— So Brunswick PD (@SoBrunswickPD) March 7, 2022

In bodycam footage of the incident, first responders were seen standing below the window, urging the man to pass the child down to them.

Everyone stood close together and held their arms up, ready to make the catch. It was not long before the child landed safely in their arms, and then the man also made the jump to the ground:

Rescue captured on officers' body worn camera. Dad throws child out 2nd floor window to officers and firefighters, then jumps to escape flames consuming apartment building.

— So Brunswick PD (@SoBrunswickPD) March 7, 2022

Social media users applauded the crews’ efforts, with one person writing, “Thank God those officers were there to catch the baby and its father!”

“Solid work brothers being there for the family in their time of need. South Brunswick PD and FD working together to save lives and property,” another commented.

NEW: Dramatic video of child and father jumping for their lives from burning apt building in South Brunswick this am. Here from ppl on the scene in my reports tonight

— Brian Thompson (@brian4NY) March 7, 2022

Following the incident, the father, his child, a firefighter, and an officer received treatment for minor injuries they suffered during the intense rescue.

“I mean this it what we signed up for,” according to Patrolman First Class Ryan Bartunek. “This is the exciting part of the job, that you want to be able to help people and do the right thing. Luckily we helped save those people.”
The fire was under control later that morning, and officials are still investigating what caused the blaze.

Amy Furr