Vatican Reiterates ‘Favorable Position’ to Coronavirus Vaccines

Vatican Reiterates ‘Favorable Position’ to Coronavirus Vaccines

ROME — The Vatican published a special communiqué Wednesday reaffirming its approval of the coronavirus vaccines to prevent possible confusion stemming from a separate text affirming that vaccines will not “solve the problem” of the pandemic by themselves.

“Following today’s publication of the new documents of the Vatican COVID-19 Commission and of the Pontifical Academy for Life,” reads the communiqué, “it seems appropriate to reaffirm the favorable position of the Holy See to vaccines.”

“The Holy Father defined vaccination as ‘an act of love,’” it continues, “since it is aimed at protecting people against COVID-19.”

“Furthermore, he recently reiterated the need for the international community to intensify cooperation efforts further, so that everyone has quick access to vaccines, not as a matter of convenience, but of justice,” the text concludes.

Pope Francis is seen on a screen during the taping of the “Vax Live” fundraising concert at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, on May 2, 2021. It was put on by international advocacy organization Global Citizen to push businesses to “donate dollars for doses” and for G7 governments to share excess vaccines. (VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

Earlier Wednesday, the Vatican released a document from the Pontifical Academy for Life urging the re-opening of schools and decrying the deleterious effects of school closings and lockdowns on the mental health of the young.

That text noted that vaccines alone will not resolve the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The “pervasive and worldwide adoption of vaccine therapies and other preventive measures will not — by itself — solve the problem,” the document declared. “Reacquisition of the formational richness of social and mental interaction that is the mark of fundamental learning and research communities is a matter for cultural innovation, and not just for economic policies or resource allocation.”

A year ago, the Vatican’s doctrinal office (CDF) issued an official document on the coronavirus vaccines, asserting that they are morally acceptable but must at the same time be considered “voluntary.”

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