"This Person Is A Crazy Racist": New NPR CEO Exposed As Woke Activist

Last week, veteran NPR reporter Uri Berliner - a longtime 'Subaru driving' lefty who was raised by a 'lesbian peace activist mother' - wrote a scathing report accusing the network of overwhelming bias.

this person is a crazy racist new npr ceo exposed as woke activist

Introspection was the last thing on NPR's mind, however, as new CEO Katherine Maher chastised Berliner as "profoundly disrespectful, hateful, and demeaning" to his colleagues for calling out political bias.

this person is a crazy racist new npr ceo exposed as woke activist
Katherine Maher

As Jonathan Turley notes:

In a memo Friday, Maher told the staff that Berliner attacked not only “the quality of our editorial process and the integrity of our journalists” but “our people on the basis of who we are.”


Maher’s response was hardly surprising. She was a controversial hire at NPR. Many had hoped that NPR would seek a CEO who could steer the company away from its partisan and activistic trend. The prospect could have brought moderates and conservatives back into NPR’s listening audience. Maher, however, was part of that trend.

This should come as no surprise given Maher's history as a complete lunatic who spews woke diatribes on X - calling herself "someone with cis white mobility privilege" and other nonsense.

In response to journalist Chris Rufo pointing this out, Elon Musk replied that she's a "crazy racist!"

Maher also says that "America is addicted to white supremacy," which is the "real issue."

She also excused looters, and even slammed Hillary Clinton for correctly gendering individuals.

What's the answer? Donald Trump suggests defunding them.


Authored by Tyler Durden via ZeroHedge April 14th 2024