Sudanese Migrant Dies Near Calais After Trying To Jump on UK-Bound Truck

Sudanese Migrant Dies Near Calais After Trying To Jump on UK-Bound Truck

An 18-year-old migrant from Sudan was killed on Saturday morning just outside of the city of Calais in northern France after attempting to jump onto a moving lorry in order to reach the United Kingdom illegally.

The incident took place on Sunday morning at around 8 am in the town of Marck, just east of the city of Calais and saw the teen make an attempt to break into the trailer of a moving lorry as it was leaving a petrol station.

As the Sudanese man tried to get on board the vehicle, he allegedly slipped and fell underneath the wheels of the vehicle which crushed him, causing his death, French newspaper La Voix du Nordreports.

A witness to the incident, another migrant, informed local police nearby who called in paramedics to help with the situation. A local deputy prosecutor told the newspaper that the body of the deceased Sudanese national would be examined and that investigators are currently considering the death an accident.

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According to investigators, the driver of the lorry did not stop when the migrant had been run over by his vehicle and said that CCTV footage would be used to identify the driver in order to determine if he realised at the time he had struck the 18-year-old.

The incident is the fourth death of a migrant in the area since September and comes just weeks after a 16-year-old Sudanese national was wounded after falling from another lorry and later died of his injuries in a local hospital.

The two other deaths took place in September and October and saw two migrants, another who was 16-years-old, struck by lorries as they attempted to sneak onto them to reach the UK.

The incident also comes after a lorry driver died near Calais last month after getting into an altercation with a pair of migrants attempting to board his lorry. The driver, a Portuguese national, was punched several times by the two migrants and suffered a heart attack just minutes later and died.

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