Special Edition Beer with Trump’s Mugshot Sees ‘Record-Breaking’ Sales

special edition beer with trumps mugshot sees record breaking sales
Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer

A special edition beer can with former President Donald Trump’s famous mugshot reportedly had “record-breaking” sales within hours of its release.

Businessman Seth Weathers, CEO of the Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer, told Fox Business that that the beer featuring Trump’s mugshot pulled in half a million dollars in just 12 hours.

Since mugshots are public domain and former President Donald Trump is the first president in history to have his mugshot taken, businesses and merch retailers (including Breitbart News) launched product lines featuring the former president’s defiant stare in the face of a criminal indictment. Weathers said that he sold upwards of “five tractor loads of cans” with the president’s mugshot on them, hailing the beer as “the most sought-after collector beer can in American history.”

“We knew people would go wild over these collector cans, but we had no idea the response would be this crazy,” said Weathers.

Weathers predicted a $2 million haul when the special edition cans go offline, ten percent of which will be donated to the legal defense of the Georgia Republican Party and the David Shafer Legal Defense Fund.

“Sales have poured in from the moment we launched,” Weathers said. “With over $1 million in beer and merchandise sales, we’ve raised over $50,000 for the legal defense of the Georgia Trump electors and the Georgia Republican Party. Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer puts our money where our mouth is – we’re doing our part to fight back against the unjust persecution of American patriots.”

Trump’s mugshot proved beneficial to the former president’s 2024 campaign by reportedly pulling in upwards of $7 million after the Georgia booking.

“Former President Donald Trump’s campaign has raised $7.1 million since he surrendered himself into custody at the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday,” Breitbart News reported this past August.

“Trump surrendered himself into custody after being indicted alongside 18 others in a 98-page, 41-count indictment by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Notably, Fulton County made Trump take a mugshot, marking his first mugshot of the four criminal cases he currently faces,” it added.

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Authored by Paul Bois via Breitbart October 1st 2023