Seven-in-Ten French Women Want to Ban Social Benefits for Migrants

Seven-in-Ten French Women Want to Ban Social Benefits for Migrants

A survey of French women has revealed that 69 per cent, nearly seven in ten, would like to see the government end social security benefits for migrants who have been in the country less than five years.

The survey, which was conducted by the polling firm Ifop for a women’s magazine and involved 2,002 participants, found that 69 per cent of women believe that the French state should not pay any social benefits to migrants who have lived in the country for less than five years, an opinion shared by 77 per cent of the men surveyed.

The survey also revealed the stance was not the most popular among supporters of populist presidential candidate Marine Le Pen or conservative writer Eric Zemmour but rather of the supporters of establishment conservative candidate Valérie Pécresse, with nearly nine in ten of her supporters backing the idea, Le Journal du Dimanchereports.

A survey measuring the fraternity between residents of France has revealed that 71 percent of French think there has been enough immigration and have no desire to see more.

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) May 19, 2021

Seven in ten women also stated that they were supportive of the state granting family allowances only to those either with French nationality or from another member state of the European Union, with 72 per cent of men responding the same way.

The survey is just the latest that shows a majority of French have taken much more firm stances against mass migration in recent years.

Last year in May, the 2021 Fraternity Barometer, which was conducted by the polling firm Ifop and le Labo de la Fraternité, found that 71 per cent of French think France has had enough immigration and do not want any more migrants.

Over six in ten of the participants stated that France should not take in more refugees either due to the increasing risks of terrorism in France.

A month later in June, a CSA Institute poll found that six in ten French people would support holding a referendum on limiting immigration to France, a proposal backed by Marine Le Pen, who has put forth plans to radically change the country’s immigration system if elected French president this year.

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has revealed her plan to drastically reduce immigration into the country.

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) October 1, 2021

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