Sen. Kennedy: Biden' infrastructure bill will 'turn America into Cuba'

Sen. John Kennedy on Kamala Harris: 'very uncool'

Louisiana Republican discusses the recent hiring of crisis managers to rebrand Vice President Kamala Harris’ image on ‘Fox News Primetime’

Sen. John Kennedy reacted to Biden's poor poll numbers and push for a $3.5 trillion spending bill Thursday on "Fox News Primetime."

SEN. KENNEDY: Well, at the rate they are going, it doesn’t matter which one of them is front and center. I just listed some of the plates they have broken. They are about to break another huge plate with this new Reconciliation bill. I call it the make America — turn America into Cuba bill. I think the best example of neo-socialism that I can think of and once the American people realize that the Vice President and the President want to convince them that it is in America’s interest to have $4 trillion dollars in new spending, $2 trillion in new taxes, and $2 trillion in new debt, and tax, spend and regulate America into neo socialism, I think nothing is going to help them in 2022.


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