Sean Spicer: Republicans Must 'Have an Agenda' Headed into Midterms

Sean Spicer: Republicans Must 'Have an Agenda' Headed into Midterms

Newsmax host and former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer joined SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday, where he discussed President Joe Biden’s administration and its impact on ordinary Americans.

“They don’t want to do this,” Spicer said of efforts to maintain a safe southern border. “Their goal is to create a permanent new class of Democratic voters, so they want these people coming over. It could easily be stopped. It doesn’t take a federal judge, or a bunch of scientific studies. It basically takes common sense. If you really wanted to secure the border, you’d keep the policies President Trump had in place.”

“When you get rid of those policies and encourage people to come and say ‘Don’t come, but if you do come here’s what we’re going to give you,’ what do you think is gonna happen? There’s a reason people are wearing Biden shirts at the border, there’s a reason they’re saying they wouldn’t have come under Trump but they are under Biden.”

According to Spicer, Americans on the right do not see that Biden’s administration is “deliberately causing” the mass inflow of illegal aliens.

“Part of the problem is that we have a media that will not allow people to hear the full story because anything bad that happens to him they just ignore, whether its him, Hunter Biden, or the rest of the team, you never really hear what’s going on with these folks,” Spicer said.

“If you are on the right and you want to be able to argue effectively with what this administration is doing and who is part of it, you’ve got to read this book,” Spicer said, referencing his own book Radical Nation: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s Dangerous Plan for America.

“It’s not that they’re just sympathetic, they’re complicit,” Spicer said of journalists who refuse to hold the Biden Administration accountable. “The reason is because they agree with them. They are, at heart, liberals who believe in the policies and the people, so therefore it’s like going against a family member. They won’t do it.”

Spicer also said certain members of the media will “give [Biden] a pass every day of the week and twice on Sunday” because they treat him like family, referencing an event he held where he hand-selected which members of the press he wanted in attendance.

According to Spicer, everything the Biden administration has laid focus on is done “all in pursuit of a permanent Democratic majority.”

Spicer concluded his interview with Breitbart News by discussing the midterm elections in 2022. “The question is what do you do with the majority,” Spicer said.

“Republicans shouldn’t be in the majority just for the sake of it,” Spicer said. “We need to have an agenda that is focused on instilling and fighting for conservative principles whether they be economically, fighting for life, fighting for stronger foreign policy, fighting for better trade practices, all of the stuff the president had been fighting for the last four years in the Trump administration.”

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