Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Fauci’s ‘Bad Policy’ Caused a Lot of COVID Injury, Death

Monday, during an appearance on FNC’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Democratic Party presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. responded to a question about the possible prosecution of former National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Kennedy noted that the United States comprises 4.2% of the global population but had 16% of the global COVID-19 deaths. He blamed Fauci’s “bad policy” for the toll.

“Tell me about Fauci,” host Jesse Watters said. “You wrote this big fat book. I could only get through a little bit of it. I can’t read anything longer than 700 pages. And you think Fauci is the devil. Would you prosecute him if you ever got to the White House?”

“I mean, if there were crimes that he committed, of course, we would,” Kennedy replied. “I would tell the attorney general to prosecute him and not hold off. Do I think that he committed crimes? I think he caused a lot of injury. I think that he — particularly by withholding early treatment from Americans, we racked up the highest death count in the world. We only have 4.2% of the globe’s population, but we had 16% of the COVID deaths in this country, and that is — that was from bad policy.”

“There are countries that did the opposite of what we did, that provided ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, other early treatments to their populations, and had 1/200th of our death rate,” he added. “So there are many, many things that we did wrong in this country, and some of those were, I would say, knowing, knowingly, that some of the things that were done by public health officials at that time, that they knew that they would be harmful.”

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Authored by Jeff Poor via Breitbart July 10th 2023