Rick Scott: 'These Olympics Should Never Be Held in China -- They Should Be Moved'

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) called for the Winter Olympics to be moved from Beijing during an appearance on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle” on Tuesday.

The Florida Republican criticized corporate sponsors of the games for valuing the opportunity to make money over human rights.

He also criticized the Biden administration for its approach to U.S. participation in the Winter Olympics.

“Whether it’s the NBA, or whether it’s Nike, or whether it’s Delta, they’re all focused on how they make more money,” he said. “Heck with human rights. Now, they would like to get their rights, and they want to criticize everything that happens in this country. But God forbid, they do anything that would impact their ability to make a profit.”

“So we, and by the way, the Biden administration, what a joke,” Scott added. “I mean, this is the bare minimum to say they’re not going to send diplomats. They need they need to be clear. These Olympics should never be held in China. They should be moved. They should have been doing this the entire time they’ve been in office.”

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Jeff Poor