Report: White House Weighing More Mask Mandates for Vaccinated Americans

Report: White House Weighing More Mask Mandates for Vaccinated Americans

President Joe Biden’s administration is weighing the idea of more mask mandates for Americans during the coronavirus pandemic — even if they are vaccinated, according to a report published Wednesday.

Details of the masking discussions were reported by the Washington Post.

The White House is weighing these options as the “Delta variant” of the virus is spreading, even among the vaccinated.

The report noted that federal health officials are considering whether they would update masking guidance, asking all Americans to wear masks indoors in public places.

The White House would likely face strong pushback from vaccinated Americans who feel protected from the virus.

But a growing number of political leaders, public figures, and even athletes have tested positive for the coronavirus despite being vaccinated.

The CDC lifted masks mandates for vaccinated people in May, prompting many people in the United States to throw away their masks.

The White House said in a statement that any mask guidance would be made by the Centers for Disease Control.

“Public health guidance is made by the CDC, and they continue to recommend that fully vaccinated individuals do not wear a mask,” Assistant Press Secretary Kevin Munoz said. “If you are not vaccinated, you should be wearing a mask.”

The White House continues to urge Americans to get vaccinated, even though vaccinated people are still contracting the disease.

“We certainly understand there will be breakthrough cases,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Tuesday. “Even vaccines that are incredibly effective are not foolproof. They’re not 100 percent effective. We’ve seen that.”

Charlie Spiering