Pro-Palestinian Protests Invade Wall Street

Parts of Wall Street are currently under siege as hundreds of Pro Palestinian protesters flood the financial district of Lower Manhattan. The demonstrators are demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. This comes after protesters surrounded the White House on Saturday. 

"Hamas and Hezbollah flags in lower Manhattan. Believe people when they tell you who they are," one X user said. 

A banner says "Long Live October 7th," referring to the date that Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel. 

Who is Samidoun?

pro palestinian protests invade wall street

We've covered Samidoun in detail and provided links to other organizations fueling chaos in the US: 

Here are more scenes from the financial district. 

On Saturday, thousands of demonstrators surrounded the White House, demanding 'genocide Joe' to hold the red line and end the Israel-Hamas war. 

pro palestinian protests invade wall street

Given the rise in protests and Israel's admission that the conflict might extend well into the second half of the year, we anticipate the continuation of demonstrations into the summer months. 

via June 10th 2024