Poll: Most Americans View Trump as ‘Strong’ Leader, Biden as ‘Weak’

poll most americans view trump as strong leader biden as weak

Most Americans see former President Donald Trump as a “strong” leader but think President Joe Biden is a “weak” leader, according to a YouGov/Economist poll. 

The poll, released Wednesday, asked voters for their opinions on both men’s leadership abilities, finding that 54 percent find Trump to be a strong leader, including 32 percent who find him “very strong.” Conversely, 45 percent see Trump as a “weak” leader, including 33 percent who say he is “very weak.”

Regarding Biden, a majority of 60 percent say he is “weak” to varying degrees. Of the respondents, 42 percent view him as “very weak,” while 18 percent see him as “somewhat weak.” Only 39 percent perceive him as a “strong” leader, with just 14 percent saying he is “very strong.”

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David Ng / Breitbart News

Trump holds positive marks among independents in this regard, as 54 percent of the demographic thinks he is a sturdy leader, while negative perceptions of Biden are even more pronounced. Just 29 percent of independents think he is a strong leader versus 71 percent who see him as weak. The trend was also apparent in a YouGov/Economist poll from last month.

The poll also asked respondents to what degree they think Trump and Biden care about people like them. Of the respondents, 45 percent say Biden cares about people like them, while 44 percent say Trump does. 

In a hypothetical rematch of the 2020 general election, Biden leads Trump by a margin of 40 percent to 38 percent among U.S. adults. When the sample is reduced to just registered voters, Biden’s support expands to 44 percent to Trump’s 40 percent. 

Similarly, 41 percent of the U.S. adults surveyed percent believe Biden will win reelection in that scenario, compared to 37 percent who think Trump will. Another 22 percent are unsure of who will be victorious. 

As Breitbart News noted Wednesday, the poll also shows that Trump continues to dominate the Republican primary field and has added 10 points to his lead over Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) since earlier this month. 

YouGov sampled 1,500 U.S. adults, including 1,306 registered voters, between July 22-25. The margin of error among registered voters is plus or minus three percent, while it is 2.8 percent when adjusted for weighting. 

Authored by Nick Gilbertson via Breitbart July 27th 2023