Poll: Joe Biden Has Lower Popularity Rating than Police and Law Enforcement Agencies

Poll: Joe Biden Has Lower Popularity Rating than Police and Law Enforcement Agencies

Police and law enforcement agencies have a higher approval rating than President Joe Biden.

According to a Thursday NBC survey, Biden is less popular than police and other law enforcement agencies by 8 percent.

The poll shows Biden has a 50 percent approval rating while police and law enforcement agencies have a 58 percent approval rating.

What’s more popular than Joe Biden and baseball? The police. https://t.co/J10Yo3xqYjpic.twitter.com/EXeQXrqnKI

— Peter Hamby (@PeterHamby) April 27, 2021

The poll comes after the President addressed Congress to further radical social welfare programs and packages, receiving the lowest ratings in years for any president.

Preliminary data showed nearly 75 percent fewer Americans watched Biden’s speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday compared to former President Trump’s first address in 2017. About 11.6 million viewers viewed the speech, according to Nielsen’s initial ratings data.

Breitbart’s Matt Boyle also reported Sunday Biden has the lowest approval “rating of any modern president at this point in his presidency, excluding former Presidents Donald Trump and Gerald Ford.”Meanwhile, police departments, which have been under scrutiny due to social unrest, endure calls for defunding from celebrities:

DEFUND THE POLICE https://t.co/du19I57s6c

— Susan Sarandon (@SusanSarandon) May 31, 2020


— Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) May 30, 2020

Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama said on April 13 after a police shooting that the shooting is proof of “just how badly we need to reimagine policing and public safety in this country.”

NEW: Former Pres. Obama on fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright: “Michelle and I grieve alongside the Wright family for their loss. We empathize with the pain that Black mothers, fathers, and children are feeling after yet another senseless tragedy.” https://t.co/peZvNUVKikpic.twitter.com/uqt8nya9PM

— ABC News (@ABC) April 13, 2021

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