Oregon Dem going horseback riding instead of meeting constituents during recess

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A House Democrat from Oregon appears to be going horseback riding across the country instead of meeting with his constituents over the August recess, Fox News has learned.

Rep. Kurt Schrader, D-Ore., and his wife are riding from Maryland to Oregon this month as members of the House of Representatives are expected to return to their districts for August recess.

The congressman’s wife, Susan Mora-Schrader, wrote in the launch post of her blog in October of last year that the "epic" trip was inspired by a previous road trip of theirs to get a car purchased by Schrader to his "home base in Oregon."


Mora-Schrader – who calls herself a "political insider" on her blogremarked a few months back that the Oregon Democrat had been doing a "good job" training his horse "over the past few weeks," but lamented that the congressman "has been in Oregon the past few weekends."

Most recently, Mora-Schrader has posted on her blog detailing the multi-legged riding trip she and the congressman are currently on.

"G-man was in the lead and decided to ignore Kurt's kicks and back into Juneau’s chest just as I was fishing for my phone to take a picture," Mora-Schrader said on her blog, confirming the congressman is on the trip.

"What resulted with a bit of a melee that ended with me in the lead and Kurt taking pictures," the congressman's wife continued.

According to an Aug. 3 post blog, Schrader and his wife crossed their "first state line" from Maryland to West Virginia on Aug. 1 before crossing over into Ohio.

Schrader has been preparing for the trip both during House committee and district work weeks — time designated for such activities on the House calendarby Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md.

Back in January the pair were busy deciding on a route, with Mora-Schrader saying she was looking for equine-friendly sleeping accommodations for her husband to avoid a "silent, grumpy travel companion."

Then in April she posted about her husband's "training" in Maryland and the Schraders may have been there over the week following Independence Day – a district work week – after he and his wife took a hoofed hike through West Virginia over Fourth of July weekend, per her blog.

During the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hoyer normalized committee work weeks where House members would meet virtually in remote hearings from home.

Schrader has a history of skipping out on important job-related duties, including his own swearing-in ceremony to go on his honeymoon, forcing him to be sworn in on a later date.

He was the only member in 2017 to miss his swearing-in. The Oregon Democrat also skipped out on the votefor Speaker of the House in 2017 and missed the first vote in the 115th Congress.

Schrader is on-record saying he'd prefer, at the earliest, a big spending bill be taken up later in the fall or in the winter.


The horseback trek might run into some logistical issues if Hoyer decides to call members back in August after previouslyleaving the idea on the table.

Schrader's office did not respond to Fox News' request for comment.

Fox News' Matt Wall contributed reporting.

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