NYC: BLM Protester Rages Against ‘F**king Taqueria Owned by F**king White Men'

NYC: BLM Protester Rages Against ‘F**king Taqueria Owned by F**king White Men'

Black Lives Matter protesters asked “white people” dining outside in Brooklyn Tuesday to “get the fuck out” of the city Tuesday evening, after a jury in Minnesota convicted former police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.

Conservative journalist And Ngô shared a video of the moment, captured by photographer Eric Thomas, with the caption: “New York: #BLM protesters tell white people dining outside to ‘get the f— out of New York’ & that their white-owned taquerias aren’t welcome.”

“We don’t want your f—ing money! We don’t want your f—ing taqueria, owned by f—ing white men!” the video shows the crowd chanting, echoing a ringleader as he stands on top of a table.

the protest turns it’s sights on sidewalk diners as the crowd chants, “get the fuck out of new york, we don’t want you here.” they then make references to it being owned by white people and

— eric thomas (@justericthomas) April 21, 2021

Newsweekexplained the protesters “moved eastwards from the Barclays building to Vanderbilt Avenue, where they paused outside of Maya Taqueria ‘to castigate the outdoor diners.'”

Maya Taqueria declined to comment contacted by Newsweek.

Protesters still turned out after Chauvin’s conviction for manslaughter plus second- and third-degree murder, marching for vaguely-defined reforms in American policing, and increasing in intensity as news broke of a fatal officer-involved shooting in Columbus, Ohio. Police released body camera footage of Ma’Khia Bryant, a 15-year-old girl, purportedly lunging at another teen with a knife before an officer shot her four times.

Breitbart News captured video of Minneapolis protesters after the Chauvin verdict, including a crowd climbing on top of a semi truck.

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