Nolte: Homophobe Joy Reid's MSNBC Ratings Are Collapsing

Nolte: Homophobe Joy Reid's MSNBC Ratings Are Collapsing

MSNBC’s Joy Reid, a gay-bashing homophobe and proven liar, is facing her worst ratings yet.

Per Fox News:

MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” with Joy Reid had its worst week ever from June 14-18, setting new viewership lows among both total viewers and the key news demographic coveted by advertisers.

“The ReidOut” averaged 1.2 million total viewers for its smallest audience since the far-left program began in July 2020, when the controversial host was chosen to fill the vacancy left by Chris Matthews’ sudden retirement.

Reid’s struggling program also had its worst turnout among the crucial news demo of adults age 25-54, averaging only 149,000 viewers in the category that helps keep the lights on. “The ReidOut” finished the week as the No. 29 program in cable news among demo viewers, finishing behind 15 different Fox News offerings, five different MSNBC shows, and even eight programs from rival liberal network CNN.

Who loses to CNNLOL…. LOL?

Joy Reid has a lot of problems. On top of being a Jew-hating and 9/11 conspiracy theorist, she’s almost ridiculously unappealing. Rachel Maddow might also be a liar and conspiracy theorist, but she at least has a sense of humor, charisma, and a personality that can shift into a gear other than “smug.”

Here’s a perfect example of why Reid’s show is failing. If you can stand it, watch this…

Is it any wonder why even leftists are tuning out?

She brings Critical Race Theory critic Christopher Rufo on for what she advertises as a debate and then spends ten minutes smugly talking over him and hectoring him without ever allowing him to respond — which only proves she’s an intellectual coward terrified of an honest and open debate.

Leftist want to see guys like Rufo get OWNED, they don’t want to see their host cower behind rhetorical tricks and the power they have to control the microphone.

RUFO: I’ll give you three examples of–


“I don’t know who that is,” Reid says at one point, “but she’s not a critical race theorist.”

What’s especially revealing is watching Reid accuse Rufo of using talking points as she shuffles through her own pages of talking points.

MSNBC is still television’s best-produced cable news network, but none of that can paper over the fact that joyless Joy Reid has no charisma, isn’t terribly bright, is a painfully predictable ideologue, vindictive, and an intolerant bigot.

Leftists were willing to put up with anyone to get their fix of Trump Hate, but now that Trump’s gone, it’s just Reid and her endless flaws.

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