Nolte: CNNLOL Primetime Viewers Plummet to Under 700K

CNN, a far-left conspiracy theory outlet that encourages violence against conservatives, is still in a ratings free fall.

After last week, it seemed impossible that CNNLOL’s ratings could drop any lower, but they have. The hate outlet is now unable to attract even 700,000 average viewers to its failed primetime lineup.

During the week of July 26, only an average of 689,000 primetime viewers tuned into CNNLOL.

MSNBC averaged 1.041 million.

Fox News beat them both combined with 2.095 million.

As far as total day viewers,  CNNLOL barely cracked a half-million average viewers, with only 528,00 tuning in.

MSNBC averaged 675,000 total day viewers.

Fox News nearly beat them combined with 1.193 million.

In the advertiser-coveted 25-54 age demo, Fox News again beat both CNNLOL and MSNBC combined during primetime with 305,000 average demo viewers. MSNBC attracted only 134,000. CNNLOL had just 150,000.

Total day demo viewers saw MSNBC drop to just 92,000. CNNLOL could only attract 110,000. Fox News earned 180,000.

Not a single CNNLOL show was able to attract a million average viewers. The disgraced Chris “Fredo” Cuomo is CNNLOL’s top guy with just 954,000 average viewers. Jake “The Fake News” Tapper is under 800,000, with just 795,000. Don Lemon could only attract 646,000. New Day, CNNLOL’s disastrous morning show, is under 500,000, with just 450,000 average viewers.

That’s total viewers.

By comparison, Tucker Carlson pulled in 3.023 million. Sean Hannity earned 2.697 million. The Five grabbed 2.528 million.

For context, Fox’s 14th rated show, Fox & Friends, which is a morning show, beat every show on CNNLOL with an average of 1.123 million viewers.

MSNBC’s 7th rated show, Joy Reid’s hour, beat all of CNNLOL’s primetime line-up with an average of 1.172 million viewers.

MSNBC might be beating CNNLOL pretty handily, but Fox News is back to dominating both and is outright humiliating CNNLOL.

CNNLOL’s collapsing trajectory is really something. The fake news outlet’s ratings crashed -58 percent year-to-date, -59 percent over six months, -14 percent over three months, -12 percent compared to last month, and -5 percent compared to last week.

Down, down, down, down, down…

But after all this, what did CNNLOL expect?

  • Chris Cuomo poses as an objective anchor while advising Governor Brother to smear his sexual assault accusers as liars.
  • Cuomo lies about never again advising his brother.
  • Cuomo refuses to wear a mask while he shames others for not wearing a mask.
  • Cuomo enjoys VIP coronavirus testing courtesy of his Governor Brother.
  • Cuomo violates quarantine while he knew he was infected with the China Flu.
  • Cuomo uses CNNLOL to stage a phony quarantine exit from his basement.
  • Cuomo lies about staying quarantined in his basement.
  • Cuomo does multiple on-air interviews with Governor Brother to turn him into a folk hero while Governor Brother was killing old people and reportedly groping state troopers.

Oh, and don’t forget all this…

  • Brett Kavanaugh — Serial Rapist
  • President Michael Avenatti
  • The Covington KKKids Hoax
  • Hands Up, Don’t Shoot
  • George Zimmerman
  • Mostly Peaceful Black Lives Matter Riots
  • The Russia Collusion Hoax
  • Antifa Stormed the Beaches on D-Day
  • Andrew Cuomo (D-NY): King of Coronavirus Competence
  • The Clearing of Lafayette Square Hoax
  • The Lab Leak Theory Has Been Debunked Hoax
  • The Russians Are Behind Hunter’s Laptop Hoax
  • The Russian Bounty Hoax
  • The Capitol Police Officer Killed with a Fire Extinguisher Hoax
  • The Very Fine People Hoax
  • And on and onand on

CNNLOL is 24/7 fiction and lies and hate.

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John Nolte