Nolte: As Biden Takes Orders from Taliban, Only 32% Say U.S. Winning Terror War

Nolte: As Biden Takes Orders from Taliban, Only 32% Say U.S. Winning Terror War

With His Fraudulency Joe Biden now taking orders from the Taliban and doing so publicly, a plurality of 41 percent believe (accurately) the terrorists are winning the War on Terror.

Meanwhile, only 32 percent believe America and its allies are winning, while 19 percent say “neither” and nine percent are “unsure.”

For this reason, the next question in the poll comes as no surprise. Only 34 percent believe America is safer today than before the 9/11 attacks, while a majority of 51 percent believe (accurately) that we’re less safe.

This Rasmussen poll was conducted on August 22-23 and surveyed 1,000 likely voters.

Of course, the terrorists are winning the War on Terror. Of course, they are.

Look at everything that’s happened under this sociopathic bumbler Joe Biden.

Yes, Joe Biden actually said this. Out loud. In front of the world.

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) August 20, 2021

Former President Donald Trump wiped out Islamic State in about 15 minutes. But in even less time, Biden not only handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban, he armed them with tens of billions of dollars in operational war equipment.

If that wasn’t insane enough, this fucking idiot withdrew our troops before he evacuated tens of thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of our Afghan allies.

And now Biden is taking direct orders from these barbaric terrorists. They’re telling him we cannot stay past August 31, even if Americans are still left behind and abandoned at the mercy of these barbarians. And what was Joe Biden’s response? To salute and say, “Yes, sirs!”

Biden’s failure, this gobsmacking fiasco, is not just about Afghanistan. This is a boon for international terrorists everywhere, especially now that the Taliban have all that abandoned war weaponry to spread around to their international terrorist pals.

America is not just losing the War on Terror; we have just been routed and humiliated and are now being held hostage by 7th-century barbarians; our own president is at the mercy of jihadists.

What this means for the future is almost impossible to wrap your mind around. It’s like trying to contemplate the size of the universe.

As far as those American and Afghan civilians still trapped in Afghanistan, the Taliban hold all the cards, have the president of the United States by the nose ring, and almost certainly understand that there is no upside to allow all of our people to evacuate.

Dragging this out as long as possible, humiliating America as long as possible, that’s where the upside is, and Biden’s gifted them with the power to do just that.

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