Nolte: 72% of Americans Say Cancel Culture Is 'Out of Control'

Nolte: 72% of Americans Say Cancel Culture Is 'Out of Control'

A full 72 percent of Americans agree¬†America’s fascist cancel culture is “out of control.”

Rasmussen asked 1,000 adults, “Has cancel culture gotten out of control” and a whopping 72 percent said yes, while only 15 percent said no.

When asked which is more important, “Protecting people from speech that is offensive or protecting freedom of speech,” a full 75 percent chose freedom of speech, while only 15 percent said “protecting people from speech that is offensive.”

I think all of this plays into what happened during Tuesday night’s elections that saw a red wave hit not only Virginia but deep blue cities like Minneapolis and Seattle.

The extreme left, these fascist blacklisters, the Democrat party that caters to them, and the elite media who champion and enforce their McCarthyism are so busy fretting over pronouns and melting down over things like “Let’s go, Brandon!” they’ve lost track of what matters to voters.

Gov. @GregAbbott_TX on "Let's Go Brandon": "People Are Angry" About "Ludicrous" Biden Policies

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) October 17, 2021

With hundreds of Americans still held hostage in Afghanistan, inflation and energy prices surging, the economy slowing, and school boards covering up rapes in order to push transsexual voodoo, having the organized left out there destroying people, reputations, and careers over pronouns, old tweets, and something as anodyne as “Let’s go, Brandon,” proves just how out of touch Democrats are.

Plus, over and over and over again, we have seen these blacklisters target the truth. Among other things, the fascist cancel culture said the Hunter Biden laptop story was off-limits, and the lab leak theory surrounding the coronavirus was racist. Well, both of those stories proved to be legitimate. So the public sees that the cancel culture is not operating in good faith. This isn’t about causing offense or disinformation.

It’s about control and censorship as a means to gain power.

Overall, this left-wing fascism is un-American. Every decent person knows this. McCarthyism is McCarthyism, and no spin about “sensitivity” changes that fact.

John Nolte