Nancy Mace: ‘Vast Majority of Americans Aren’t with Us’ on Women’s Issues

Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC) said Thursday on FNC’s “Fox News @ Night” that “the vast majority” of Americans aren’t with the GOP on women’s issues.

Guest host Mike Emanuel said, “From Bloomberg, far right Republicans imperil House races with social demands on key defense bill. Are your most conservative colleagues putting you and other swing district members in jeopardy with votes on some of these matters?”

Mace said, “They are absolutely. And as a woman, as a female lawmaker, as a suburban mom, as a girl mom, we can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can be pro-life and be pro-woman.”

She continued, “But so far this year I’m asking my colleagues tonight and every night what are we doing for women especially in states where for example they banned abortion? What are we doing to make sure women have better cheaper more access to birth control? Instead of playing these games with whatever woke means, whatever flavor of the day woke is that day in the NDAA or any other bill we’re working on we have to be balanced to show we care about women. We can be pro life. We can do both at the same time.”

Mace added, “For my colleagues that are forcing some of these votes and some of these amendments, it makes it very difficult for us to hold on to the majority because the vast majority of Americans aren’t with us. Ninety percent of America is somewhere on the middle especially on women’s issues and we have to show, even if we are pro-life, that we care about women and we have yet to do that this year.”

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Authored by Pam Key via Breitbart July 14th 2023