Mississippi Governor Signs Transgender Restroom Ban in Public Schools

Matthias Kulka/Getty Images

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) signed a bill into law that will prohibit students from using restrooms in public schools that do not correspond to their biological sex.

Reeves signed the legislation, Senate Bill 2753, into law on Monday, according to a report by WXXV News 25.

The bill, titled the “Securing Areas for Females Effectively and Responsibly Act” — also known as the “Safer Act” — requires all public buildings have restrooms designated for men only, women only, or single-person spaces available to anyone.

The law also allows anyone to sue a person who uses a facility that does not correspond to their biological sex.

“It’s mind blowing that this is what Joe Biden’s America has come to,” Reeves wrote in an X post Monday. “Having to pass common sense policies that protect women’s spaces was unimaginable just a few years ago. But here we are.”

“We have to pass a law to protect women in bathrooms, sororities, locker rooms, dressing rooms, shower rooms, and more,” the governor continued. “There’s no doubt that the left will continue to come up with more kooky ideas that harm biological women.”

“And there’s no doubt that Mississippi will continue to push back on them. That’s because we have to — protecting girls and women from the left’s dangerous agenda is just too important to ignore,” Reeves added.

“Today is a win for girls and women across our state, and I was proud to sign SB2753 into law,” the Mississippi governor said. “You have my word that as long as I’m governor, our state will do everything in its power to keep Mississippi’s daughters safe.”

Reeves concluded, saying, “Thank you to all of the girls and women across our state who stood up and made your voices heard! We are grateful for your efforts and proud of you!”

The new law defines an individual’s sex as “‘determined solely by a birth,’ without regard to the fluidity of how someone acts or feels,” making it so that people claiming to identify as transgender cannot use public facilities designated for the opposite sex.

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via May 15th 2024