McEnany reacts to deadly Minnesota police shooting: 'We always have to let the facts play out'

McEnany on Minnesota shooting: Officer deserves 'due process and fairness'

"Outnumbered" co-host and former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany discussed the fatal police shooting of Daunte Walker on "The Story" Monday, telling host Martha MacCallum there needs to be "due process and fairness" as well as accountability.

MCENANY: We always have to let the facts play out. Let that process be underway, of due process for the officer. Look, this is a tragedy. There’s no two ways about it. I grieve for the mother, Katie Wright. I’ll be praying for her. One of the most emotional days I had in the White House as press secretary is when President Trump sat down with families that lost loved ones in instances of police brutality, or sometimes a tragic accident. It was heart-breaking, it was one of the most emotional days. I hugged one of the moms and left in tears. At the end of this there’s a loss of life. A New Mexico police officer lost his life in what is another tragedy. We have to take a close look at these and make sure there’s accountability and make sure there’s due process and fairness.

I think there’s very often things like banning chokeholds in the wake of George Floyd’s death ... It was a heart-breaking video and one of the most egregious videos I’ve ever watched. I remember President Trump getting very upset when he saw that video play out. It’s hard to watch. There’s obvious reforms that can be done, but we can’t overreach here. We know most officers are good, hard-working people who put their lives on the line every day. Removing their immunity doesn’t allow them to do their jobs, defunding the police departments doesn’t accomplish anything but fuel crime [as] we’ve seen in Democrat cities that have chosen to do that. There is common sense and then there’s overreaching. Most officers are good, hard-working people who put their lives on the line, as we saw in New Mexico and Long Island, where there’s an officer fighting for his life as well.


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