McConnell: Virginia, New Jersey a 'Referendum' on Biden -- 'American People Gave the Biden Administration Yesterday an F'

During an appearance on FNC’s “The Story,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) reacted to the outcomes in Virginia and New Jersey’s gubernatorial elections, where Republicans showed stronger than anticipated results a day earlier.

According to the Kentucky Republican, the lackluster showing for Democrats was a “referendum” on Biden.

“Well, actually, even more significant than Virginia is New Jersey,” he said. “We were not even competitive in the governor’s race up there. And yet, the Republican candidate who no one knew almost won. I think what we can safely say about New Jersey, and to some extent in Virginia, it was a referendum on the popularity of the Biden administration and what they’re trying to do. I would argue that, had they already passed this reckless tax-and-spending bill, they would have lost worse. I think what the American people are saying, don’t do that. Don’t double down on taxation and spending.”

“The American people have had enough of all of this excess. And I think they sent a message yesterday: Stop. Stop,” McConnell continued. “That’s the message that should be taken by the Democrats out of yesterday’s elections.”

McConnell told host Martha MacCallum the outcome showed the American public gave low marks to the early portion of the Biden presidency.

“[I] think Pelosi and Schumer and the president will argue that what people really saying is, why don’t you get this done?” he added. “I think that’s a misinterpretation of what happened yesterday. I don’t think it was about the Democrats’ failure to do it. I think it was because people didn’t like that they were trying to do it. And getting a result on this massive reckless tax-and-spending bill is not going to improve their position with the American people. I think we’re going into ’22 with a typical first midterm election and a new president with a midterm report card, and the American people gave the Biden administration yesterday an F.”

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