Luongo: The DNC Soap Opera Gets A New Villain – RFK Jr.

Last week was a big one for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  His testimony in front of a House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government created quite the row.

It should not be a shock to anyone that the DNC is committed to killing RFK Jr’s candidacy.  The performance by Democratic members of the committee was just that; performance.

They had their statements prepared, not for the general public but to generate the sound bites the rest of the Davos-controlled media complex will use to cut together propaganda pieces against RFK Jr., regardless of what was said, what data was presented, or anything else.

luongo the dnc soap opera gets a new villain rfk jr

This is how the game is actually played.  People like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz are there to play their part, hog the microphone when appropriate and ‘get the shot.’

And that shot was to try and censor RFK Jr.’s testimony in a hearing about government censorship because he gave an opinion on research about COVID-19’s seeming ethnic bias.

Efforts by Democrats to prevent Kennedy from testifying began earlier this week. On Monday, Reps. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) and Judy Chu (D-Calif.) sent a letter signed by 102 House Democrats to House Republican leadership, requesting they “rescind Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s invitation to testify.”

According to the letter:

‘Mr. Kennedy has repeatedly attacked two groups that have long been subject to deadly discrimination. His own credibility as a witness is nonexistent. Allowing Mr. Kennedy to serve as a witness before the Select Subcommittee only services [sic] to legitimize his antisemitic and anti-Asian views.’

I guess the DNC still thinks they can shame us into not submission at this level of histrionics.

Then they gave Economic Monologue to the voteless rep from the Virgin Islands to reinforce the NPC’s view of the evil GOP playing politics while the economy burns and jobs are being lost.

If it wasn’t all so badly written it would actually be hilariously funny.  But it’s not.

It’s all a big livestreamed soap opera, folks, with bad actors, worse direction, ad hoc script pages coming from the caffeine-addled third stringers in the writer’s room.

They are the only ones left because, like in all things right now, there’s a skills deficit in all sectors of the economy.

If you think the scripts coming out of Hollywood are bad, and most of them are, then you have to realize it’s the same people with the same functional deficits.

It’s tightly scripted on their end to make sure certain phrases are said, captured on film and repeated ad nauseum through the 30 minute news cycle and seeded by bots into the social media cesspit.

However, like Trump, RFK Jr. understands this process all too well.  He’s using it to seed ideas into the zeitgeist from alternative media sources which forces them to play whack-a-mole on an issue-by-issue basis.

This isn’t to say that some of the issues he embraces aren’t good cannon fodder for the DNC because they are.

*cough* Chemtrails *cough*

But then that also begs the question why aren’t they making hay about those things.

Because if you want to censor RFK Jr. for lacking “credibility” then this seems like fertile ground, rather than peer-reviewed research, which we are all supposed to unquestionably accept as fact.

Or don’t we “trust the science” anymore?

And he’s doing this months before the primary season begins for real while the DNC is trying to figure out how to replace Joe Biden with California Governor Gavin Gruesome while sidelining Vice-President Kamala Harris.

RFK told the world what his strategy was when he was on with Joe Rogan and he’s following through on those statements.  He’s running the Trump Playbook from 2016 but this time using podcasts and alternative media voices rather than just Twitter to seed the zeitgeist.

As I noted last week when I was on a podcast with Alex Mercouris of The Duran, RFK’s retweeting one of their videos on Ukraine and NATO was a massive signal that his staff is plugged into the alternative media at a level I think very few were suspecting.

That tweet knocked me for a loop. Then this observation was further reinforced when RFK introduced the concept of gold/bitcoin redeemable US Treasuries is the real body blow to Davos.  

This is a concept that I’ve been talking about for more than a year, advancing ideas put forth by Judy Shelton who was rejected by the Senate during the Trump administration joining the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

High-fiving with Kamala Harris after blocking Shelton was one of the last things John McCain did before his brain tumor gave its life for our country and humanity.

We know the idea of the US repairing its balance sheet is Davos’ biggest Achilles’ heel.

A US with a corrupt globalist-tethered president is the fulcrum on which all of their evil rests, folks.  And “Joe Biden” is the perfect guy for that job. Like McCain, he wakes up every morning trying to figure out (if he’s figuring anything anymore) whose bread he needs to butter that day.

I can’t put it more succinctly than that.  So, 2024 is all about ensuring no sovereigntist-minded person gets into the White House.

And, unlike Trump, RFK is not the same kind of thin-skinned bully looking for payback. He’s a lawyer and the closest thing we have to the inheritor of American royalty. To think he won’t unmake most of what Obama has built over the past 14 years just out of spite is naïve in the extreme.

In fact, I’d expect he already has a well-ordered To-Do List for his first 100 days in office.

For that reason he’s more of a threat than Trump.  He’s got the pedigree.  He’s got the right strategy.  And he’s got, in political terms, the cleanest balance sheet of anyone on the campaign trail, Chemtrails notwithstanding.

This makes him, by far, the most dangerous insurgent candidate they’ve seen in this Fourth Turning yet. Not Trump, not Ron Paul.  Certainly not captured Bernie Sanders.

This is why as Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was trying desperately to keep him from speaking in front of Congress. It’s why Gavin Newsom all but declared his candidacy for president the same day.

Newsom is being positioned to replace Biden on the campaign trail.  Time was running out with the primaries only a few months away. So, they got got crackin’.

Newsom will inherit all of Biden’s money when Joe is forced out of the race.  There will be a negotiation between the GOPe and the DNC allowing Joe a way out of this with what’s left of his dignity intact.

The big tell will be them doing to Harris what Obama did to Biden in 2016, sidelining the two-term Vice President to allow Hillary Clinton to run.

It should also be no surprise that Mitt Romney threatened to switch his party affiliation to Democrat officially.  He knows he won’t be re-elected in Utah.  His work is done, now he gets to vandalize as much as he can before he’s out the door.

Someone is positioning themselves for a either a Vice-Presidency vacancy or a split-party scenario once Joe’s been put out of our misery.

RFK’s rise in stature through the grassroots of alternative media is a big deal.  He has his faults.  He may be yet another ‘looks good on paper’ candidate.  His environmental background is still very problematic for me.

But his championing the Judy Shelton program of gold redeemable US Treasuries is such a huge tell that he’s for real.  This is a six-sigma event.  It means he understands what Powell are doing on Wall St. and at the Marriner-Eccles building.

It means they are likely in consultation at the strategic level.

Strategy matters.  What information you give your enemies matters.  How you go on the offensive while shoring up your flanks matters. I wish someone would tell this to the Ukrainian Military so they stop wasting thousands of men running headlong into Russian target practice.

The Ukraine Middle Finger Trap

The events in Ukraine trace a political throughline right back to Trump’s second impeachment and the 2020 election.

While the DNC was persecuting Trump over the phone call to Zelensky. Back then, like many others I fell for the whole, “they’re impeaching Trump for Joe Biden’s crimes” narrative that was the low-hanging fruit.

But I also made sure to always go one step further reminding everyone that all of the major players on Capitol Hill — Pelosi, Romney, Graham, McCain, the Clintons, Obama, etc. — were guilty as hell in Ukraine. They were all in over their hip-waders in the mud there.

And the reality is… what this impeachment is really about is distracting and covering up the multiple layers of corruption in U.S. foreign and domestic policy stretching back decades. Many of the tendrils emanating from the events surrounding the FISA warrants improperly granted connect directly to the Clintons, Jeffrey Epstein, William Browder and the rape of Russia in the post-Soviet 90’s.

We’re talking an entire generation or more of U.S. officials and politicians implicated in some of the worst crimes of the past thirty years.

The stakes for these people are existential. This is why they are willing to risk a full-blown constitutional crisis and civil war to remove Trump from office.

And it was the easiest thing to see unfold in real time.

Ukraine and corruption there became the new third rail of US politics.  

To Trump’s credit he not only touched that rail he lubed himself up in high conduction flux and rolled around on it until the rail exploded.

The result was predictable.  They impeached him for it, for pity’s sake!  For what? Nothing.  It wasn’t what he said but what he signaled he was threatening by trying to broker a deal over Ukraine.

For that alone, I have to give him immense credit.  Whether he’s the guy this time to exit us from this mess is an open question.

But what’s important is that Davos’ plans as we have seen them play out since then have all been in the service of bringing us to February 2022 and Russia’s reluctant military operation against Ukraine.

These globalists and Neocon freaks really did think they were going to win this thing.  They tore apart the US political system, rewrote whole swaths of the legal code, called in all the markers, activated every shadow operative — Alexander Vindman, Fiona Hill, John Bolton, etc.  They even got Mike Pompeo to tear himself away from the Swedish meatballs on the buffet table from time to time.

Now they’ve recalled Nikki Haley from the Waffle House outside of Greenville to run interference on the debate stage this winter. She’s the only one Tucker Carlson didn’t completely eviscerate recently.

The War in Ukraine has been a project close to 30 years in the making.  It’s accelerated since Putin’s speech at the 2007 Munich Security Conference.  There isn’t any one issue that brings out the fangs of the Uniparty more than it.

This is where RFK Jr. can really move the ball forward in a way that Trump can’t.

Their corruption is so endemic it’s not just appalling, it is the thing they have to protect more than anything for their own personal empires.

But now the whole thing is collapsing.  The GOPe is seeing the shift in the political winds on Capitol Hill. Blood is in the water not just over Joe Biden, but the entire rotten edifice. Is it possible they’ll finally get to Obama here?

And they are beginning to press their advantage.  This is why we have Speaker McCarthy openly going after Biden.  Why there are IRS whistleblowers testifying.

Lots of rats are beginning to run out of sinking political ships.  It’s a slow process and then it’s an avalanche.  Whatever finally takes down Biden will take down so many on the Hill.  

Screaming “Anti-Semitism and Racism” at RFK Jr. by Broward’s Queen Debbie of old Queens, NY is so 2016 it’s not funny.

While Elizabeth Warren is nearly ready for her close-up, Mr. DeVille.

You’d think with the writer’s strike going on in Hollywood that some of those guys would be doing under the table work for their paymasters on the Hill.  Here’s the scary thought. What if they are? Then this thing is going to get more pathetic than Ilhan Omar stating with a straight face the recent heat wave brought the hottest seven days in the last 120,000 years.

Maybe we really are in hell, and it’s not just other people.

*   *  *

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Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold July 24th 2023