London Museum's 'LGBTQ Audio Guide' Wrongly Claims British Monarch Was "Person Of Colour"

A London museum is facing backlash after it was revealed that a special ‘LGBTQ audio guide’ it is providing to visitors is claiming that the wife of King George III was mixed race.

london museums lgbtq audio guide wrongly claims british monarch was person of colour

The audio guide is being used in the Queen’s House in Greenwich, a publicly funded part of Royal Museums Greenwich.

section of the guide references a large golden sculpture of Queen Charlotte, claiming: “Queen Charlotte, the nation’s first royal person of colour.”

The guide then states “Yep, you heard me. The insecure white boys writing history conveniently forget to mention that bit, because… well, structural racism.”

There is no evidence at all that the queen, who was of German ancestry, was of any other heritage than white European. 

Indeed, it appears that one basis for the claim may be that the Netflix series Bridgerton and its spin off show Queen Charlotte has a mixed race actor playing the role of the queen.

The guide was created as part of a ‘LGBTQ history trail’ by a drag performer called Christian Adore, self described as a “homosexual historian” dedicated to unveiling “deliciously gay stories” from history. 

Clearly there weren’t that many of those stories to relate on a tour of a royal residence dating back to the 1600s.

The guide also claims that King James I was bisexual and claims that Charles II had a “progressive, genuinely modern understanding of relationships in the 1660s” because he had a string of mistresses.

The report also notes that in one section of the audio guide a “migrant goddess” lectures  Lord Nelson about “moving over” and sharing his legacy of bravery with boat migrants who are “unsung heroes of the sea.”

When asked for an explanation, the Museum stated that the guide was “delivered by a number of performance artists, during LGBTQ+ History Month,” and intended to be “light-hearted entertainment.”

It added that the guide was originally part of an event called ‘Fierce Queens’ in which “we had a black performer playing Queen Charlotte, which is why this segment was included.”

“It was not written by or performed by members of RMG staff and as a performance piece, was not ‘fact checked’,” the Museum further noted.

Commenting on the matter, former Royal Navy officer Chris Parry charged that “This level of stupidity simply degrades and defiles our national reputation for historical scholarship… These antics serve to confuse the ignorant and are profoundly racist. Remove public funding.”

As we have previously highlighted, this insane fringe effort to blackify history has included baseless claims of black ancient Britons, RomansscholarsMesolithic hunter-gatherers, and even ancient Japanese Samurai warriors.

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Authored by Steve Watson via April 21st 2024