Kennedy: 'Milley Has a Lot of Explaining to Do' -- 'Ought to Stop Bellowing and Honking on Like a Goose About White Rage'

During an appearance on FNC’s “Fox News Primetime,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) reacted to the bombshell Washington Post report regarding Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Mark Milley, who reportedly offered to warn a Chinese military official ahead of any attack from the U.S. military during the Trump presidency.

Kennedy declared Milley had “a lot of explaining to do,” urged him not to put an emphasis on so-called “white rage.”

“I have been very disappointed in General Milley,” he said. “I mean, we need a military leader. We need a chairman of the joint chiefs. Based on his behavior in the last year or two, we don’t have a military leader. We’ve got a politician.”

“My Democratic friends are going to probably sweep that under the rug, but I’m ready to hold hearings,” Kennedy added. “I think General Milley has a lot of explaining to do, and I think he ought to stop bellowing and honking on like a goose about white rage and actually try to make our country more secure.”

Kennedy said Milley did deserve an opportunity to respond to the allegation before being called on to resign.

“[T]hese are all allegations,” he said. “And this is still America. You give me about 15 minutes with General Milley under oath, in front of a committee of the United States Senate, and I will get to the truth.”

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