Karen Bass: Other Countries Are Warning America Is Dangerous Because of Gun Violence

Representative Karen Bass (D-CA) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that other countries had issued warnings over America’s gun violence.

Anchor Dana Bash asked, “I want to ask about gun violence, broadly, eight people were killed on a Thursday night. It is the 47th mass shooting in the United States in literally over a month. As you well know, the house passed a sweeping bill mandating background checks on all gun purchases, but as you also mentioned, a lot of things are stalled in the Senate. That is one of them. Your Democratic colleague Senator Chris Murphy says he is willing to 16% a narrower bill in order to get something into law. Would you support that?”

Bass said, “I’m not sure what he means. Yes, to get legislation passed, absolutely. You know, the bills that pass the House are bills that are supported by the majority of the country, including Republicans, including gun owners. So there is no reason not to pass the legislation. Especially now that the NRA is basically imploding, that had been the hammer that kept people from voting on gun legislation before.”

She added, “But I agree with the president who said what is happening in this country with gun violence is an embarrassment. You know, some countries, the way we have warning if you go to this country, it might be dangerous. There are some countries that have warnings about coming to the United States.”

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Pam Key