Jake Evans on January 6 Probe: We Need ‘the Same Investigatory Hearings’ Against Democrats if GOP Wins Majority

jake evans on january 6 probe we need the same investigatory hearings against democrats if gop wins majority
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Georgia Republican Jake Evans, who is running for Congress, detailed investigations he wants to see Republicans pursue against Democrats if the GOP wins the House majority this year, providing his remarks during an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday.

Evans said Democrats have “weaponized” normal House proceedings, such as when they created the January 6 Committee, and that he wants to see Republicans adopt a “fight back mentality” and launch their own probes if they are in control after November.

“I think we have got to control the narrative. We’re going to retake the House in 2022, and when we do that, we’ve got to launch the same investigatory hearings that hold Democrats accountable that we have been needing to do for a long period of time,” Evans said.


He added, “I think Republicans have not been playing with the fight back mentality. Democrats play hardball while Republicans play tee ball. These Democrats have weaponized all of these bureaucratic administrative proceedings.”

The January 6 Committee, a partisan select committee consisting of seven Democrats and two Never Trump Republicans, is “a perfect example,” Evans said.

Evans, an attorney focused on election laws, is facing physician and military veteran Rich McCormick in a congressional runoff in Georgia’s Sixth District. Evans came in about 20 points behind McCormick in the primary but kept McCormick under the 50 percent threshold needed for a candidate to win outright.

As a political newcomer, Evans is now in the midst of a contentious runoff battle with McCormick, who has run for Congress before; however, Evans is boasting the backing of former President Donald Trump in his race.

Evans said if he is elected and if Republicans — who are heavily favored to win the House majority this year — take control, Evans would “move to disband and eradicate” the January 6 Committee and would instead support investigations into Dr. Anthony Fauci, Hunter Biden, and big tech censorship.

“I want to investigate the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. Did Dr. Fauci profit off of it? I want to investigate Hunter Biden, did him and Joe Biden profit off of Joe Biden’s powerful positions that he was in? Big tech, Elon Musk attempting to take over Twitter is a good first step, but I think big tech is out to get conservatives and conservative voices,” Evans said.

Republicans’ investigations would be founded on genuine concern, whereas Democrats’ investigations are about consolidating power, Evans suggested.

“We’ve got to be aggressive and holding Democrats to the paint,” he said. We’ve got to reveal to the public what Democrats are really up to, what they’re really doing, and if we do that, we’re going to bring more and more people into the Republican fold because the Democrats have been up to no good. All they want to do is consolidate power, win elections, and their motives to do it and willingness to do it is beyond the pale.”

The Georgia runoff elections are scheduled to take place on June 21.

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Authored by Ashley Oliver via Breitbart June 5th 2022