Illegal Immigration Costs American Households Hundreds Of Billions Annually

Illegal immigration weighs heavily on the wallets of hardworking American taxpayers - to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

illegal immigration costs american households hundreds of billions annually

Still, the Biden administration turns a blind eye to these fiscal strains, neglecting the toll on our economy, the structural integrity of our nation, and the safety of our citizens.

Estimates suggest that illegal immigrants cost each household about $1,000, adding up to more than $120 billion a year.

Sources such as Newsweek hint that the true cost may be even higher, possibly reaching $150 billion annually, an amount shared by both federal and state governments. In all actuality, the financial impact could be much worse.

The situation continues to deteriorate by the day. Just this past December, Border Patrol recorded 249,785 arrests along the Mexican border, a 31 percent spike from November 2023 and a 13 percent surge from the December 2022 record.

Since President Joe Biden’s inauguration and the adoption of his open borders approach, more than 7.2 million illegal immigrants have streamed into the United States through the southern border, a number surpassing the population of 36 states.

Some estimate that number to be nearer to 10 million. The lawlessness makes it impossible to keep an accurate count.

The repercussions of illegal immigration cast long shadows over various aspects of our society, from heightened crime rates to suppressed wages to the depletion of taxpayer resources. Public services face strain, with illegal immigrants accessing emergency health care, enrolling their children in public schools, and tapping into social welfare programs. Some argue their willingness to accept lower wages drives down earnings, leading to reduced tax revenues and increased reliance on social welfare programs among low-wage workers, citizens, and legal residents alike. Even our property tax is paying for illegal immigrants. This generational problem demands pragmatic consideration and competent leadership.

To exacerbate matters, if illegal immigrants operate solely within cash transactions, much of their income goes undocumented.

This is why I advocate for measures such as the Fair Tax Act, which replaces income tax with a consumption tax, ensuring revenue from cash transactions is taxed.

While proponents argue that illegal immigrants are paying into our tax system, and even our Social Security system, it is hard to tell the difference between fact and fiction.

According to a 2023 National Bureau of Economic Research paper (Working Paper 31086, “Measuring the Characteristics and Employment Dynamics of U.S. Inventors”), the majority of innovation in America is driven by white and Asian (including Indian) individuals.

The paper estimates that 96.5 percent of U.S. inventors were white or Asian as of 2016.

The question remains: Why are we allowing our borders to be overrun by illegal immigrants when we need controlled and tactical immigration to pay into our depleted social systems and kick-start the next wave of innovation?

Why would the United States prohibit valuable workers from becoming American citizens while on work visas yet entice unskilled and impoverished workers to enter the country and stay illegally?

These unanswered questions only add fuel to the fires of conspiracy and intrigue.

Giving priority to visas for highly skilled workers will not only strengthen our domestic initiatives but also stimulate innovation and bolster economic growth. It is beyond puzzling that the United States of America continues to welcome unskilled workers when our nation’s prosperity hinges on innovation and skilled labor. The Democratic Party’s reluctance to use the term “illegal immigrants,” echoed by figures such as Nikki Haley, is equally confusing. As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis rightly pointed out, coming to this country illegally is illegal.

We need to fast-track immigrants who are likely to innovate and create wealth instead of prioritizing low-skilled workers.

It’s time for responsible leadership to step up and implement immigration policies that benefit the United States and the American people.

Authored by Chadwick Hagan via The Epoch Times April 13th 2024