Hillary Clinton Predicts Trump Will Run in 2024: 'Make-or-Break Point'

Hillary Clinton Predicts Trump Will Run in 2024: 'Make-or-Break Point'

Hillary Clinton, former secretary of state and twice-failed presidential candidate, predicted in a recent interview with the TODAY show that her one-time rival, former President Donald Trump, will run for the White House in 2024.

In a new interview with @WillieGeist, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opened up about the dangers she believes the country would face if former President Donald Trump is elected president again. Watch the full conversation on #SundayTODAY. pic.twitter.com/xyMwrhXS8A

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) December 10, 2021

A transcript is as follows:

ANDREA MITCHELL: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton predicts former President Donald Trump will try to reclaim the White House in 2024, with dire consequences for the country if he wins.

HILLARY CLINTON: If I were a betting person right now, I’d say Trump is going to run again. But I want people to understand that this is a make-or-break point.

MITCHELL: The two-time presidential candidate said America now faces a choice between truth and lies.

CLINTON: Are we going to give in to all these lies and this disinformation and this organized effort to undermine our rule of law and our institutions, or are we going to stand up to it?

Joshua Caplan