Hawley: Biden Administration 'In Thrall to the Environmentalist Wackos Who Don't Care About American Strength'

Monday, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) rolled out his American Energy Independence Act of 2022 during an appearance on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

According to Hawley, Russia was able to invade Ukraine because Biden’s energy policy had driven up the price of oil.

That policy resulted from President Joe Biden and his administration being “in thrall to” the environmentalist lobby and so-called environmentalist wackos.

“What would be the motive of someone, our policymakers, to hamper, to hobble, to shut down America’s domestic energy production?” host Tucker Carlson asked. “Like why would they want to do that, honestly?”

“Well, I think that part of it is they are in thrall to the environmentalist lobby,” he said. “I mean, this is Joe Biden’s politics. He is totally in thrall to the environmentalist wackos who don’t care about American strength. They don’t care about American jobs. You know, they don’t particularly like the people who work the pipelines, who work the oil rigs. You know, those folks, they don’t have much regard for them.”

“And listen, the truth is, those folks who do that kind of work, that laboring work, those blue-collar workers, they are the backbone of our economy,” Hawley added. “Put them back to work. Let them get onto those pipelines. Let them get onto those rigs. Show the world what they can do.”

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