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Greg Gutfeld: Ocasio-Cortez is being 'sneaky' with the truth after border visit

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blasts conditions at migrant detention centers

Border Patrol pushes back, says Democratic lawmaker's accusations aren't true; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.'

Fox News' Greg Gutfeld expressed doubt that the accusations Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., made against Border Patrol officials at a Texas detention facility she visited were true, claiming the congresswoman was being "sneaky" with the truth.

"I think it's just her being sneaky because I don't believe this. My gut is that... no one's been drinking from any toilet," Gutfeld said on "The Five" Tuesday.

"The Greg Gutfeld Show" noted that the drinking water was located above the toilet in the detention centers and believed that Ocasio-Cortez was treading lightly with the reality of the migrant detention center experience.

"So I think that what she did was she said something that is false but directionally true. Meaning she could get away with it," Gutfeld added.


Gutfeld took issue with the congresswoman's "demonization" of Border Patrol agents and her comments that she didn't feel safe while touring the facility.

"In that last facility, I was not safe from the officers in that facility," Ocasio-Cortez told reporters Monday.

These are snowflakes bearing switch blades.

— Greg Gutfeld

"I think the bigger story too is how the left has this free pass to demonize anyone. We've seen accusations of child abuse directed at people who work there. She's suggested that these guys might sexually assault her, she doesn't feel safe around them. These are horrible things to say about people casually," Gutfeld said.

"But if you respond angrily or you make a criticize her and suddenly she becomes the victim."


On Tuesday, having already made the controversial allegations of abusive treatment at the facilities, Ocasio-Cortez again compared them to "concentration camps."

Responding to the release of photographs taken inside facilities in Texas, she tweeted:“These are concentration camps.

“According to concentration camp experts, people begin to die due to overcrowding, neglect, and shortage of resources.

We saw all three of those signs on our trip yesterday. Another person died yesterday. And those are the deaths we know about.”

Earlier on Tuesday, current and former immigration officials pushed back on Ocasio-Cortez’s recent high-profile accusations of cruel treatment at an El Paso border station, rejecting her claim that agents forced detainees to “drink out of the toilets” and insisting that their personnel “don’t treat people that way.”

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