Gaetz says border 'crisis' just beginning, warns of 'massive rush' coming soon

Federal agents apprehending large groups of migrants crossing the US-Mexico border

Florida congressman Carlos Gimenez discusses border visit and migrant surge on 'Your World'

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., said that the immigration crisis unfolding at the southern border is just the beginning and warned that the surge of migrants will only continue to grow.

The Florida Republican warned Tuesday that America is only at the "front end" of the situation and predicted that the border will face a "massive rush" soon.

"We're just at the front end of America's immigration crisis," wrote Gaetz. "A massive rush on our border is coming."


In a statement to Fox News, Gaetz expanded on the tweet, saying that former President Donald Trump's immigration policies that "fought the flow of illegal immigration have been revoked" by the current president, declaring the crisis belongs to Biden.

"The policies put in place by Donald Trump that fought the flow of illegal immigration have been revoked by Joe Biden. This is his crisis," said Gaetz to Fox News. "We're seeing signs now that we're just at the front end of the wave with the immigration crisis. Networks supporting illegal immigration and human trafficking are growing."

Gaetz said that there are "substantial advertising and recruiting" efforts taking place in Central and South America to ensure that "there is a massive rush" on the Southern border and announced he would be introducing several amendments to "upcoming appropriations bills" that would prevent federal dollars from going to sanctuary states and states that "incentivize aliens" to illegally cross the border.

"There is substantial advertising and recruiting going on in Central and South America so that there is a massive rush on the U.S. border," said the Florida Republican. "In the coming weeks, I’ll be introducing amendments to upcoming appropriations bills in the Congress to block federal funds from going to states with sanctuary policies and states that incentivize aliens to cross our border illegally."

Gaetz's prediction comes as the Biden administration refuses to describe the perilous situation at the border as a "crisis."

Four migrants caught attempting to illegally cross the border since the beginning of the fiscal year in October have names that appear on terror watch lists, a congressional aide told Fox News on Tuesday.


Additionally, it was recently reported that some migrant children being held at a Border Patrol facility in Donna, Texas have resorted to sleeping on the floor and have gone prolonged periods without showering due to overcrowding.

Reporters clocked the current number of people in the facility at 1,800. The facility is designed to hold 250 people.

Fox News' Adam Shaw contributed to this report

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