Gaetz: FBI ‘Untethered’ from the Constitution — ‘We Must Bring Them to Heel’

During an appearance on FNC’s “Hannity,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) reacted to FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee.

Gaetz discussed Wray’s refusal to answer questions from the committee, calling the

“I think one of the defunding efforts, Matt Gaetz, needs to be, defunding the salary of Christopher Wray,” host Sean Hannity said.

“I agree,” Gaetz replied. “It was disappointing to me that my colleague Ken Buck, a Republican from Colorado, a great conservative, said he wouldn’t support our efforts to defund the salary of Christopher Wray.”

“Well, he’s making a big mistake, and anybody in Congressman Buck’s district watching needs to call his office tomorrow and say defund the salary of the FBI director who has shown nothing but politics being played at the bureau and also the weaponization of the bureau,” Hannity interrupted.

“Similarly, the Judiciary Committee should take action against Christopher Wray, and what Chairman Jordan and the rest of us will have to sort out is whether to proceed next with a contempt action against Christopher Wray for not answering questions that he has a statutory obligation to answer, or whether to proceed with a criminal referral to the Justice Department where he works for lying in the very few questions that he actually did answer,” Gaetz responded. “He told verifiable lies to Senator Lee previously about FISA on January 6. He told lies to our colleague Congressman Nehls today when asked about looking at in these school board parents. So that they have totally come untethered from the Constitution at the FBI, and we must bring them to heel, and this is just one step in that journey.”

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Authored by Jeff Poor via Breitbart July 13th 2023