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The House voted to expel Rep. George Santos 311 to 114 Thursday. Santos walked out of the House chamber just before all the votes that sealed his fate were cast and did not answer reporters' questions on his way out. 

Slightly more Republicans voted not to expel Santos than to let him stay. But the overwhelming feeling was clearly that Santos needed to go. 

Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., said he was concerned about the precedent it sets to expel a member of congress who has not been convicted (Santos faces several charges in federal court).

New York Republican Rep, Nicole Malliotakis, however, said "it sets a bad precedent that [Santos] stole money from his donors…"

fox news politics santos goes down

Representative George Santos (Annabelle Gordon/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

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This article was written by Fox News staff.

Authored by Fox News Staff via FoxNews December 1st 2023