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Former Obama adviser on Seth Moulton’s jump into 2020 race: ‘He’s someone that checks a lot of boxes’

What does Rep. Seth Moulton bring to the 2020 Democrat primary table?

 The Iraq war veteran becomes the 19th Democrat to enter the 2020 race. Robert Wolf, former economic adviser to President Obama,  explained the lawmaker's strengths and values.

Robert Wolf, former economic adviser to President Obama, Monday said of Rep. Seth Moulton’s 2020 presidential bid, “He’s someone that checks a lot of boxes.”

Wolf, a Fox News contributor, made the statement on “Fox & Friends” only hours after the congressman announced he was running.

When Wolf was asked if he thinks Moulton can beat Trump, he answered, “I think it’s too early to tell,” adding that he has known Moulton for years given they are from the same Massachusetts hometown.

“There’s something he brings to the table that a lot of people aren't talking about,” said Wolf about the three-term congressman from Massachusetts, who also is an Iraq war veteran.


“He’s really strong on national security. He’s on the armed services. And he’s strong on defense. And I also think he has progressive values so, you know, he’s someone that checks a lot of boxes,” said Wolf.

Moulton’s announcement makes him the 19th Democrat fighting for the Oval Office. He becomes the third candidate from Massachusetts to launch a presidential campaign, joining Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former Republican Gov. Bill Weld, whose primary goal is challenging Trump.

“You need name recognition and you need to raise money and those are the two things he’s going to have to show quickly,” said Wolf about Moulton.

“I also think for him it's going to be a lot about New Hampshire. He’s 45 minutes from New Hampshire, he has to show he can really do well there.”

He added, “At this point in 2008, right now, is Giuliani beating Secretary Clinton. And at this point in 2016, President Trump was about 5 percent. So one thing we don’t know, is we don’t know.”


Meanwhile, Joe Biden is expected to declare his candidacy for president this week, two sources with knowledge of the former vice president’s plans confirmed to Fox News.

Wolf said he’s “a big fan” of Biden.

“One of the reasons I think he’s really gained in the polls recently is with the rise of Senator Sanders and the rise of Donald Trump's popularity within his own party, that combination really, couple of things, one, it takes the whole age factor out of the equation. And number two, it goes back to the number one poll for Democrats, who is the candidate that is best to beat Donald Trump? And a lot of the polls have Joe Biden,” said Wolf.


“And so his polling, he’s the only one north of 30 percent. Him and Bernie (Sanders) are the only ones today north of 20 percent. But once again, this is a lot of name recognition. We really won't know until things fall out, until he announces, whether he gains in popularity and the excitement the polls are saying.”

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