Florida: Judge Rules that Gay Nude Resort Must Allow Women

florida judge rules that gay nude resort must allow women
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A judge has ruled that a Florida nude resort typically reserved for gay and bisexual men must open its doors to women.

The New Orleans House in Key West had been slapped with a lawsuit by a woman named Amina Chaudhry after she was prevented from making a reservation at the resort in July 2022 due its policy of requiring guests to be “adult males 18 years of age or over only.” On June 30, Administrative Law Judge Brittany Finkbeiner recommended that the “Florida Commission on Human Relations should find that the New Orleans House ‘engaged in unlawful discrimination,'” according to Metro Weekly.

The judge’s ruling came after the Commission on Human Relations ruled in February that “no reasonable cause” could be established demonstrating that the resort violated Florida’s civil rights law. Chaudhry appealed the ruling, which Judge Brittany Finkbeiner overturned. New Orleans House maintained that all were welcome at the resort but that it restricted women from entering the “clothing optional” parts of the establishment.

“While Finkbeiner’s ruling is not binding, the commission must consider her findings before issuing a final decision,” noted Metro Weekly.

Speaking to The Messenger, Chaudhry said she hopes the ruling will ensure that other businesses will not discriminate, arguing that it could open doors up for transgender individuals.

“The implication is if [New Orleans House is] allowed to discriminate against any genders they don’t want coming in there, then any other place of public accommodations can do the same thing,” she said.

Russell Cormican, the attorney for New Orleans House, said that Judge Finkbeiner “totally sidestepped” the resort’s privacy rights, being that they cater to guests that specifically want to be in a male-only, clothing-optional facility with no women present.

“There’s areas of the hotel that are set aside for men to be nude,” Cormican said. “I mean, it’s like if I showed up at LA Fitness and as a man, I insisted on standing in the women’s dressing room.”

Chaudhry also filed a discrimination complaint with the commission against Island House Key West, which also caters to men seeking a “clothing-optional” space for other men.

“Living in Key West and going through all of this, there’s this just kind of pervasive sense that I was the one in the wrong,” she said. “Like I was some kind of crazy lunatic who was going against the natural order of things.”

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Authored by Paul Bois via Breitbart July 12th 2023