Exclusive — Tim Ballard: Thousands of Unaccompanied Children ‘Disappearing’ into U.S. Interior

Establishment media outlets and other players do not want to have a conversation about what is happening to children, as thousands of unaccompanied children are disappearing into the U.S. interior, Tim Ballard, the individual at the center of the box office surprise Sound of Freedom, told Breitbart News during an exclusive interview at the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Ballard noted that establishment media outlets — Rolling Stone, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, and more — posted “glowing” stories about the operation that occurred on October 11, 2014.

“They applauded it. They said that we were good guys. They said, ‘Congratulations, you rescued children.’ Eight years later, those same outlets are pretending that didn’t happen. … They’re lying about it. They’re changing their story. They want to pretend it’s not happening,” he said, explaining that he believes the motive is that they do not want to have a wider conversation about what is happening to children and the “consequences to children that their agendas and their policies are having.”

When asked if this anti-children agenda is connected to what is being pushed in schools, Ballard said it “absolutely” is, adding that it is a slippery slope.

He pointed to the push to allow children to decide if they are a different sex as part of that slope. If children can consent to that — completely “altering” their sex — Ballard worries it could open the door to even more egregious attempts to normalize abominable acts, such as pedophilia.

“They know that this is going to shine a light on all of their agenda that they’ve been working on. … So they’d rather just pretend none of it’s happening. And it’s easier just to say, ‘Well, maybe sex with kids isn’t even that big a deal after all.’ I mean, that’s where they’re going now,” he said, pointing to a United Nations-backed report issued months ago, “saying, ‘it’s time to consider decriminalizing sex with children.'”

“Thank God that many in the LGBT community are fighting back and saying, ‘No, no, no…you’re not part of this community,’” he said, pointing to groups such as Gays Against Groomers.

“But this is this is the wider battle that we’re fighting,” he added.

When asked what needs to be done to fight these issues, Ballard said it is crucial to “enforce the border,” deeming it the “only compassionate policy.” That, he said, would suck the wind out of the sails of traffickers.

“Tens of thousands of children — unaccompanied, young children — are disappearing into the belly of the beast, and they have to know that’s happening, but they care about their agenda more than that,” he said, explaining during the interview that “no background checks were done by the sponsors who came to get them.”

“It’s literally more difficult to adopt a cat out of the shelter than it is for a sponsor to show up and check one of these kids out and take them into the belly of the United States,” he said, describing that belly — the U.S. government — as the “number one consumer of child sex material in the world.”

“Speak the whole truth about what this is leading to. If you’re making pedophiles happy and making them salivate over your policies, I think it’s time to push pause and reconsider your policies,” he added.

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Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News

Authored by Hannah Bleau via Breitbart July 25th 2023