Exclusive — Sebastian Gorka: 'Andrew Breitbart's Legacy' Is 'Standing up to Bullies,' Taught Us to 'Never Ever Censor' Ourselves

Exclusive — Sebastian Gorka: 'Andrew Breitbart's Legacy' Is 'Standing up to Bullies,' Taught Us to 'Never Ever Censor' Ourselves

Sebastian Gorka, host of the America First radio show and the Gorka Reality Check on Newsmax,  said on Monday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast with host Alex Marlow that Andrew Breitbart’s legacy includes “standing up to bullies” and a refusal to self-censor.

He advised people to follow Breitbart’s example of transparency with their philosophical and political views.

“The most important thing you can do [to] be like Andrew: Never, ever censor yourself,” he remarked. When you’re at the water cooler, when you’re at a barbecue, when you’re at the local block party, when you’re on social media, if you catch yourself going, ‘Oh, I better not say that, because somebody might be shocked,’ that’s when you say it even louder.”

Gorka continued, “Never ever give in.  Never ever kneel to the mob, because Andrew didn’t. You are sorely missed, my friend. I hope you are happy, smiling down on us right now, because you have taught us a great lesson. The only thing bullies understand is when you stand up to them, and that is Andrew Breitbart’s legacy.”

He reflected on Breitbart’s self-described political conversion from “default leftist” to conservative following the Breitbart News founder’s observations of the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

He said, “You have to read the book Righteous Indignation to find out how a self-professed drunken leftist at Tulane University becomes the biggest conservative warrior in the world — was the injustice of the Clarence Thomas hearings, and why? Because Andrew was driven by one thing more than anything else, and that’s standing up to stinking bullies.”

Gorka praised Breitbart’s deftness in news media strategy in terms of impacting the public and his depth of understanding of the relationship between culture and politics.

“He was a genius-level individual,” he concluded. “That guy was an 80-pound brain, not just in his usage of social media and understanding social media trends and how culture works, but the guy just understood that life is a little bit more complicated than two tribes.”

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Robert Kraychik