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Energy Secretary Rick Perry: US modernizing nuclear arsenal 'as we speak'

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry discusses the modernization of America's nuclear arsenal

Rick Perry talks to Fox News.

JERUSALEM – Energy Secretary Rick Perry called the American nuclear arsenal the most developed and modern in the world, during an interview Monday with Fox News.

The former Texas governor also said the nation has been working to modernize outdated nuclear weapons “as we speak.”

“Hopefully we’ll never have to use them, but if we do, they’ll work as advertised,” Perry said.

Perry's remarks took place during a visit to Israel to discuss regional energy and cybersecurity. His trip came as tensions with Iran have continued to rise.

The energy secretary said that while the West has wanted to ensure that Iran never develops a nuclear weapon, the regime in Tehran has posed other major threats.


Perry said thousands of attempted Iranian cyberattacks have taken place daily against the U.S.

“You’ve got some bad actors around the world.  You have some right over here in the neighbor, in Iran, that have clearly made cyberattacks part of their strategy,” Perry said.


Perry met with Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz on Monday to sign an energy cooperation agreement. According to the U.S. Embassy, the counterparts discussed regional cybersecurity and gas investments. Perry is set to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday.

Later this week, Perry will travel to Cairo, where he will represent the United States at the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum, officials said.

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